Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week 32: Peach-Orange Sorbet

The Recipe
1kg peaches, skinned and de-stoned
Juice from 5-6 oranges
3-5 eggwhites
Icing sugar

Cut the peaches into pieces and pour into a mixing bowl together with the orange juice. Blend until smooth. Add icing sugar until it tastes good (I think I used about 100g, but didn't measure exactly).

In another bowl, whip eggwhites until stiff. Carefully add to the peach-orange mix and mix thoroughly. I used 3 eggwhites, but think the texture would have been better with a bit more.

Add extra icing sugar if necessary.

Pour into ice cream containers and freeze - taking out to stir every hour to avoid the ice cream separating.

The Verdict
Great to make with kids, as they loved all the tasting along the way. Unfortunately the texture ended up being more slush ice'ish than sorbet'ish... I think we might either have added too few eggwhites or stirred it too seldom. Ah well, it tasted great no matter its texture.

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