Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Week 2: Honey-Mustard Chicken

The Recipe
2-3 chicken breasts cut in halves (~450g)
Juice from 1 lemon (~3 tbsp)
5 tsp mustard
5 tsp honey
1 tbsp butter
5-6 tbsp breadcrumbs
Salt, pepper
Oregano, thyme, curry, paprika, garlic powder, chili, basil

Turn on the oven to 200C. Put the butter in an ovenproof dish and put it into the heating oven to melt the butter and coat the dish.

In one bowl mix lemon juice, mustard and honey. In another mix breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and all spices (a dash of each).

Coat the chicken in the mustard mixture and then in the breadcrumb mixture. Place it in the ovenproof dish.

Cook until done - about 25 minutes - turning it over half-way through.

Serve with rice, asparagus and green beans.

The Verdict
Really good! The chicken was nice and moist, and I loved the taste. It was a bit heavy on the mustard, but nothing too bad. Definitely something I'll make again.

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