Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 6: Puff Pastry Roll

The Recipe
1 package puff pastry
1/2 package (~100gr) cream cheese of your choice (I used one with different herbs)
Toppings of your choice (sliced ham, bell pepper, fresh basil, salami, tomatoes, herbs and spices...)

Roll out the puff pastry to a long rectangle, cover with cream cheese and add toppings. Fold up the rectangle so the two long sides meet in the middle. Close it as much as possible. Fold in the ends to close those off as well.

Bake at 200*C for about 45 minutes.

The Verdict
One of the easiest and most delicious recipes I've tried in a long time. Took no time at all to make, was sooooo yummy, and looks fancy enough to serve for guests. Definitely a keeper!

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