Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best of 2011

Well, what would you know... I actually managed to complete this for the second year running! I know that I left out two weeks back in April, but since I weren't even in the country for those two weeks, I think that's acceptable, and still count my goal reached.

Trying out new recipes can hardly be called a resolution any longer - it has become a hobby. I love experimenting, and while most have been merely average (and an unfortunate few were decidedly BAD!) I did end up with some very nice additions to my repetoir.

So with no further ado, here are the best recipes of 2011:

Garlic shrimp
Mushy Mushy Chocolate Cake
Parmesan Chicken
Honey BBQ Chicken
African Peanut Soup
Chicken with Bacon and Pesto
Orange Pork Chop
Mexican Chicken Lasagna
Spring Chicken
Cashew Chicken
Roasted Asparagus

But I'm only just getting started here...

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